We are a design and engineering company.
As the undisputed leader in design, quality and durability, we aim to be the world´s top provider of mobile, modular front cooking and buffet solutions.

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Continuously redefining front cooking and buffet experience.

The German term “Baukasten” translates to “construction kit” or “building set”. We use it to describe the collection of components that combine into an infinity of buffet or front cooking experiences.

livecookintable® is the inventor of the world‘s first modular system for mobile front cooking and buffet equipment.

Livecookintable® equipment is constructed using high-quality materials chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal. AISI 304 stainless steel is a primary component, offering resistance to corrosion and ensuring a professional appearance. Additionally, robust laminate and vegan leather surfaces as well as tempered glass are integrated for practicality, style, and safety, guaranteeing reliable performance in various culinary settings. Our materials undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards, ensuring that Livecookintable® equipment remains a top choice for chefs and hospitality professionals worldwide.

Our diverse collections cater to varied tastes, blending seamlessly with existing designs or making bold statements. From versatile Mix+Match options to premium materials in the Extended Collection, and innovative choices in the Unlimited Collection, we offer solutions for every preference. For those seeking ultimate customization, our Bespoke service tailors designs to individual tastes, ensuring a perfect fit for any setting.

We serve a prestigious clientele that comprises the leading hotels, caterers, cruise lines, and restaurants worldwide.

All components of the livecookintable® Baukasten fit together and can be freely combined.

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